Modular Mobile Device Platform
Patented TR2015-03742, TR2015-04867
İbrahim Kocaalioğlu - ikocaalioglu
The objective of this project is to separate the aesthetics from the hardware. The cover module as well as the side extension modules makes up the aesthetics part of the device. Functionally complete modules (camera, sound, wireless) allow licensing of these modules to third party companies. Finally, the design is based on current phone manufacturing technologies therefore the R&D cost of this design is considerable lowered compared to other modular designs.
The Modules:
1.1  Display Module
1.2  Sound Module
1.3  Camera Module
1.4  Battery Module
1.5  Main Electronics Module
1.6  Cover Module
1.7  Wireless Module
1.1 Display Module
It is the main module where all the other modules are mounted. It has touch sensitive display panel.
1.2 Sound Module
It is the module that contains the speaker and audio jack.
1.3 Camera Module
It is the module that contains camera and related electronics. The device's external buttons are also located on this module.
1.4 Battery Module
It is the main source of energy for the device.
1.5 Main Electronics Module
It is the module that contains main electronics (cpu,ram,flash rom) of the device. It forms a bridge between other modules.
1.6 Cover Module
It is the module that protects the inners of the device. It may have additional functionalities such as a secondary battery or a display.
1.7 Wireless Module
It is the module that enables cellular connectivity of the device. It also has the external USB connector.