Electronics Engineer with an MBA degree
Result Oriented & Hard Working
Iterative Thinker & Innovative
The Digital Clock
A battery operated digital clock with day and night visibility. Clock includes solar panels to keep it's batteries chaarged.
Internet of Things
Designed and developed Internet of Things including web controlled lighting, home automation, smart plug and a multi-function IoT base module.
Black Sea Watch
İbrahim developed the BLACK SEA WATCH PROJECT website and the mobile apps. Project enables non-scientists to share their observations on plants and animals of the Black Sea region. Project is a joined initiative of Turkey and Bulgaria.
Personal project since 2010. Registered BenMODA trademark. BenMODA is the fastest and the easiest way to follow fashion blogs around the world. (Website and mobile apps)
Black Sea Watch Project Video
İbrahim developed the BLACK SEA WATCH PROJECT website and the mobile apps. İbrahim was one of the presenters at the project launch.
Bogazici University Magazine
İbrahim Kocaalioğlu'00, paralel kariyer yaratanlardan. Fırsatları görüp başarıya dönüştürenlerden. Sevdiği işi yaparken, maddi karşılık yerine manevi tatmini sorgulayanlardan. Boş zamanlarını boşa harcamayanlardan ...
Sabaci University WebSite
Article about İbrahim's work on mobile applications.
İbrahim Kocaalioğlu - Resumé
İbrahim Kocaalioğlu's latest Curriculum Vitae.
İbrahim Kocaalioğlu - Video Resumé
İbrahim Kocaalioğlu's latest Video Curriculum Vitae.
Modular Mobile Phone Patents
Personal project on modular mobile phone design and applied for two patents. The main differences of this project from the other modular designs are that the phone is more durable and has a much better aesthetics.
Önerilerim - Personal Blog
Personal blog in Turkish about governmental project ideas.
Innovative Mind - Personal Blog
Personal blog in English about management, marketing and 3D printing.
Travel Story - Datça
Travel Story - Datça, Turkey
Travel Story - Ohrid
Travel Story - Ohrid, Macedonia
Flickr Photo Albums
Like to travel and take photos and videos. In Flickr all these photos and videos are presented in detailed albums.
Ibrahim's Movie Archieve
Movies watched and rated by Ibrahim. Mainly 1960's French and Italian Cinema.